About InstaMorph

Well, InstaMorph is an non-toxic, lightweight polyester thermoplastic (woah, that’s a mouthful!). That didn’t help? Ok, how about we tell you some of the properties of InstaMorph that we think you’ll like.

Works at low temperatures.

InstaMorph becomes moldable at a relatively low temperature (60°C / 140°F) and solidifies at room temperature. This property alone make it ideal for use for lots of projects and skill levels.

Reheat and Remold it again and again.

InstaMorph can be remolded again and again simply by reheating it. Make a mistake? No problem! Want to tweak it a bit? Just reheat it!

No special tools or activators are needed

No messy chemicals here. Just heat InstaMorph in hot water, in the oven, or using heat gun and mold it with your hands (be careful there) or any other tools you might have. See the instructions on using InstaMorph for more detailed information.

InstaMorph can be painted, dyed, machined, carved or stuck.

The possibilities are endless! InstaMorph even has it’s own specially formulated pigment coloring pellets to help you dye your white InstaMorph into any color you desire. InstaMorph doesn’t stick to much, but will readily bond to some other plastics like ABS (think Lego bricks), acrylic, polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, and vinyl plastics.

So, what can I use InstaMorph for?

That’s a tough one, because really, it’s only really limited by your imagination (and what a strong, lightweight plastic would be appropriate for in the first place). Haven’t thought of anything yet? Well, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use it for making a unique art project at school or at home.
  • Create props, masks, or other costume pieces for Halloween or theater.
  • Makes custom brackets, parts, molds, or housings for your next project or device.
  • Make hooks or hangers for the office, garage, home, boat, and RV.
  • Fabricate parts for robots or other custom projects quickly and easily.
  • Fix broken tools, wires, toys, knobs, and appliances.
  • Repair things “in the field” with limited tools or equipment. Put a little in your backpacking or camping gear.
  • Useful for any prototyper or maker in the familiy who wants a strong, reusable compound for their projects.

Don’t take our word for it. Dozens of InstaMorph users have contributed dozens of ideas and projects that have used InstaMorph.

Looking for more?

Check our our frequently asked questions section for more information about InstaMorph moldable plastic.