Entries by The InstaMorph Team

Butter Bot Figurine

Jason created this little robot figurine, a “buter-bot” specifically, out of InstaMorph. “To celebrate the return of season 3 tomorrow, I morphed one of my favorite characters from Rick and Morty. For the uninitiated, it’s a little robot that was cobbled together for the sole purpose of passing butter, but tragically has enough sentience to […]


Fairy Garden

Veronnica made this whimsical fairy garden for her friend out of InstaMorph. “So when my girlfriend mentioned that she’d planted some fairy garden plants but that she needed to buy the accessories, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use the InstaMorph. I actually have quite a bit left and I’m excited to come […]



Jason used InstaMorph to fashion this custom replacement part for his weathervane. “My wife and I moved into a new house over the winter, and when Spring rolled around we noticed that the weather vane the previous owners had installed wasn’t really our style. So, I decided to morph us a new spinning topper for […]


Joycon Costume

David used InstaMorph to make some elements of this costume. “We just had an event capes joycon, and using the InstaMorph I got from you guys I made an costume the helmet, arm guards, and scythe blades were constructed out of InstaMorph.” Thanks David for sharing these pictures with us. The costume turned out great! Glad […]

Dog Prosthetic

Eric is part of a group of Senior Mechanical Engineering students at the University of the Pacific. For his senior design project, they designed and developed a prosthetic leg for a group member’s dog. “Instamorph moldable plastic was used to create a model of our dog Pogo’s leg. We had tried using a plaster cast […]

Black Widow Spider

Nate made this black widow spider from InstaMorph and its black pigment (and red pigment, for the hourglass). Nate has been experimenting with InstaMorph since December 2016. What detail! Looks so real. Love the egg sac made of InstaMorph beads as well. That all being said, despite our love for the craftsmanship, I still wouldn’t want to […]

Chess Set

Eric made this Chess set out of some InstaMorph and other materials. “The pieces and board use small, really strong rare-earth magnets. The board surface is wood, and the pieces, obviously, are colored instamorph. I took it Starbucks the other day with my son and was a little surprised at how many people wanted to […]

Leprechaun Project

Kurt and his son used InstaMorph as part of a school project. With proper supervision, InstaMorph is a great material for easy and durable craft projects with your kids. “My son had a project for school to make a Leprechaun Trap, we used the InstaMorph to make a Leprechaun.  Attached are the pictures, my 9yr old […]

Remote Key Cover

Merle made this key cover for her Honda out of a little bit of black InstaMorph. “My Honda remote key was doing some “pocket calls” to my Accord. If you click on the unlock and then press and hold it again it rolls all four windows down and opens the sunroof. It had done that […]

Little Fishies

Daniel made these cute little fishies out of InstaMorph. His original idea was to use them as fishing lures, but they are sorta just fun to look at well. Love those eyes!