motmlogoCalling all InstaMorph users and fans…

Do you have a project, craft, art, hack, fix, or creation that utilizes InstaMorph? Well, we want to see it!

Every month, we’re offering a prize for the best InstaMorph “Morph of the Month.”

What we want is to see your amazing creations. So, we’re asking you to send us your photos, videos, or anything else that showcases your project and we’ll feature them all on our site. Then, the InstaMorph Team will review all the month’s submissions and pick the one that ultizes InstaMorph in a new, unique, crazy, or super practical way, and name that project as our “Morph of the Month”.

What do you get for being the MOTM? First, we’ll brag about you a bunch on our Facebook page and put your project up on the winners block you see below.

Then we’re going to shower you with some awesome prizes. You’ll recieve one of our 32oz bags AND one of our new Pigment Packs. That’s a ton of brand spanking new InstaMorph, plus enough pigments to dye the entire batch whatever colors you desire.

There are a couple rules and hopefully they are obvious why we have them.

  1. Your project has to use InstaMorph in it in some way. It’s our contest…
  2. You have to actually make it, no ideas or drawings. We got a couple “this is what I want to make out of InstaMorph if I win” emails…
  3. You can only win once in a 12-month period. A couple of you guys are really good and would win every month…

So, what are you waiting for? Send your photos and descriptions to to enter. Good luck!

Clicking the button to the right will open your email application where you can send us a description and attach some pictures of your project to enter.

A Recent Winner

January 2018 – Congrats to Gabrielle for winning our January Morph of the Month contest with contest with this Sonic the Hedgehog cake topper made completely out of InstaMorph. Read the full story.