Entries by The InstaMorph Team


Wedding Cake Topper

Jason created this wedding cake topper which he made for his friend’s wedding.  “They’re big Star Wars fans, and they asked me to immortalize them in the roles of Han and Leia. So, I tried to do just that – once I decided on a romantic pose, I got to work incorporating her platinum blonde […]


Fridge Ice-maker Fix

Recently, when Brian went to get some ice out of his refrigerator, he noticed some little white pieces of plastic in his water cup along with the ice. When he investigated more, he found that the guard that ensures that the ice falls into the ice bucket and not back into the tray when being […]


Wizard Staff

Jason used InstaMorph to help bring this wizard staff to life. Other materials included PVC for the main shaft, some glow pigment, and a flashlight. A wooden dowel helps to turn on the flashlight with a side switch or by tapping it on the ground. Oh, and we can’t forget the 20-sided die on the […]

Finger Ramp

Nathan made these custom-fitted finger ramps for his bass guitars out of InstaMorph. “I’ve been using InstaMorph for years to make various hardware pieces for my bass guitars, and I recommend it often. The most notable piece I’ve been making is a bass finger ramp, which is used to keep the playing feel consistent in […]


Posable Hand

William made two posable articulated hands out of InstaMorph, using instamorph for everything except the joints which were held together with tooth pics. The first hand is smaller and each finger only bends at two points, while the second larger one has fingers which bend at three points like an actual hand. Well done William! […]

Adaptive Handheld Stylus

Lauren made this adaptive handle for an iPad or smart phone stylus out of InstaMorph. It was made by forming a strip of InstaMorph moldable plastic and forming that around both the finger and stylus. InstaMorph shouldn’t stick to most metal stylus, but if you want to make it easily removable, be sure to coat […]

Factory Tool Guard

We love hearing about different uses for InstaMorph. Most of the time, these projects take place in the home, but every so often we hear about some of the commercial/industrial applications of using such a unique material in the workplace. This project comes from a Quality Supervisor, Prentice, a the Nissan manufacturing plant in Tennessee. […]

Tropical Tree Stand

Ashley used InstaMorph in this mixed media sculpture. This beaded lizard now has a cozy branch to lay on to display his awesome lizardy lizardnous. “I first made a beaded lizard for a friend as a late Christmas gift. I was at a loss of what to do with the cute little guy once he […]

Command Strips Hack

Jarika is currently renting, so she can’t put a screw in the wall. But she really wants to hang this unique octopus key hold. What to do, what to do? Turns out, InstaMorph and some command strips fixed her problem. She simply smoothed InstaMorph over the screw hole to create a flat surface to attach […]