Entries by The InstaMorph Team

Watercolor Travel Palette

Jim describes how he made a small tray out of InstaMorph for carrying water color paints with him on the go. “I made a small watercolor palette, but first I had to make the positive mold. I found some upholstery tacks on Amazon that had heads that were shaped like pyramids. I cut a piece […]

Spoon Rest

Nikita recently found InstaMorph and has added it to her home decor toolbox. As her first InstaMorph project, she made this handy spoon rest in the shape of a fish. It’s pretty adorable if you ask us! “I wanted to make something different unusual than what we find on YouTube or on Pinterest. Meanwhile i wanted […]

Demogorgon Costume

Welcome to the Upside Down! Kara used her InstaMorph moldable plastic to create a ton of teeth for her son’s custom Demogorgon costume headpiece for Halloween this year.  “It was my first time using the product, and I absolutely loved working with it. The best part: it’s reusable, so all of the extra teeth I […]


Kitchen Sprayer Fix

Lesa made this temporary holder for a kitchen spray nozzle out of some black InstaMorph. I just bought a new house, and will be replacing the kitchen sink. Until then, this is serving me well. I started it with hot water, and finished it off with a heat gun. When I replace the sink, I […]


Submarine Model

John created these two submarine models completely out of InstaMorph. Even their display stands are pieces of InstaMorph. “Sometime between ages 6 and 46 bath-time got boring.  Then InstaMorph made it fun again. Now I see there’s black InstaMorph.  My next sub is going to be even better!” You can see the drawings of the […]


Wedding Cake Topper

Jason created this wedding cake topper which he made for his friend’s wedding.  “They’re big Star Wars fans, and they asked me to immortalize them in the roles of Han and Leia. So, I tried to do just that – once I decided on a romantic pose, I got to work incorporating her platinum blonde […]


Fridge Ice-maker Fix

Recently, when Brian went to get some ice out of his refrigerator, he noticed some little white pieces of plastic in his water cup along with the ice. When he investigated more, he found that the guard that ensures that the ice falls into the ice bucket and not back into the tray when being […]