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Submersible Pump Wire Fix

Dave fixed an underwater pump which had a leaking wire connection. “My Little Giant water pump was starting to develop a problem.  The electrical cord was pulling away from the pump, and every time it was submerged in water, it would trigger the GFI plug and stop operating. I needed a quick fix that would […]

Custom iPod Mini Stand

In this idea, we made a stand for an iPod mini that was kind of funky and cool, yet still functional. It is in the shape of hand with a couple of fingers supporting the back and little plastic pinky and thumb reaching around the front to keep it in place. It’s even got a […]

Iron Man Arc Reactor

When the first Iron Man movie came out a couple years ago, it seemed like everyone on the internet was building their own mock up of an arc reactor. One of the key requirements for this to work was to have a material that would cover up the light source and act as a diffuser […]