Leprechaun Project

Kurt and his son used InstaMorph as part of a school project. With proper supervision, InstaMorph is a great material for easy and durable craft projects with your kids. “My son had a project for school to make a Leprechaun Trap, we used the InstaMorph to make a Leprechaun.  Attached are the pictures, my 9yr old […]

Remote Key Cover

Merle made this key cover for her Honda out of a little bit of black InstaMorph. “My Honda remote key was doing some “pocket calls” to my Accord. If you click on the unlock and then press and hold it again it rolls all four windows down and opens the sunroof. It had done that […]

Little Fishies

Daniel made these cute little fishies out of InstaMorph. His original idea was to use them as fishing lures, but they are sorta just fun to look at well. Love those eyes!

Darth Vadar Figurine

John-Caleb made this detailed Darth Vader figurine mostly out of InstaMorph. 😉 “Hi there! I’ve been a huge fan of your material since learning about it late last year. When I saw that you guys were having contests I knew exactly what I just had to make. Darth Vader. I went all out on this one […]


Eric made this crossbow with about two pounds of InstaMorph.  It fires a wood dowel and duck tape (for the feather part) eraser-tipped arrow up to 200 feet. “I really like working with the product–very meditative.” As you can see from the pictures, he re-used a lot of colored InstaMorph to make this final creation. […]

Reacher Device

Brianna and her engineering group, the EffectiveFour, used InstaMorph in their term project device, called the Effectuator X. Cool name! This was for the Engineering Profession and Practice course at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. “In a group of 4 first year undergraduate students, we were tasked with making a device to help two local […]

Dual Screen Adapter

Thomas made this custom molded dual screen adaptor for a DJI Phantom 4 Pro out of InstaMorph. The InstaMorph is used to attach an iPhone 6 to the existing screen mount. Check out the video below for a 360 deg view of the project.

Princess Crown

Michelle made this princess crown out of InstaMorph and other plastic embellishments. The image to the right is a work in progress, but you can see how easy it was to get a basic shape out of InstaMorph in only a few short minutes.

Mouse Pinky Rest

Alice made a pinky rest for her Logitech G502 out of InstaMorph. She dyed it black to match her hardware using some InstaMorph black pigment pellets.

Plastic Fridge Part Fix

Tim fixed his fridge with a little bit of InstaMorph. “I had a piece that broke on my refrigerator door that allowed the middle flap to close so I molded a replacement! It’s been in use for a week or so now and the InstaMorph is starting to wear out with grooves from repetitive use… […]