Where can I find InstaMorph locally?

We know that the answer they want to hear is “well, no, it’s also available at these fine retailers,” but unfortunately, InstaMorph is not yet available in physical stores yet.

We’re busy focusing on building our brand, engaging with our customers, and improving our ability to supply InstaMorph to the growing number of fans around the world. This leaves us little time left over for dealing with the third party distributors and wholesalers that we would need to partner with to get this into stores.

As good as internet shopping is, we know that many of our customers have asked where they get can get InstaMorph like NOW!? It is a goal for us to one day be in physical stores and make this instant fulfillment possible, but until then, we’re really happy with how things are going selling online. So, still wondering were you can get InstaMorph online? Head on over to our shop here at InstaMorph.com and find out.

Well right here! Click the link below to get the latest copy of InstaMorph’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). As you’ll see, InstaMorph is a relatively inert and safe material for use in all sorts of hobby and professional applications.

Download InstaMorph’s MSDS

Can I get an MDSD for InstaMorph?

What's the best glue to use with InstaMorph?

InstaMorph itself is sort of like hot melt glue when warm, so it will stick to some things on its own. When you want to attached cooled InstaMorph to something, or need a little extra strength, we recommend a couple things. The first is epoxy. Can’t go wrong there, and it works really well with InstaMorph. Another great bonding agent is super glue (Cyanoacrylate), as this works well with a lot of plastics.

No, InstaMorph doesn’t “pour” into molds, but you can be very successful pressing it into one, similar to how you would work with clay. If you need something you can pour, you may want to try liquid silicone or epoxy.

Can I pour InstaMorph into a mold?

What does InstaMorph stick to?

InstaMorph will bond to certain plastics when warm, sort of like hot melt glue.

It will do this with ABS (ex: Lego bricks), acrylic, polycarbonate, polyester, PVC (ex: tubing), and viny (ex: 3 ring binders).

InstaMorph does not bond well to wood products and it won’t stick to most metals. It also doesn’t bond well to other plastics like nylon, polypropylene, silicon, or Teflon.

Other ways to make sure InstaMorph doesn’t stick include using am oil based coating, placed on the material before hand (like PAM). Also, you can line molds with parchment paper, which InstaMorph fans have reported works very well.

InstaMorph’s activation temperature is upwards of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty hot for simply air to get, even in direct sunlight.

Still, we do not recommend leaving InstaMorph creations in a vehicle during hot, sunny days. It is possible for the inside of your car to get up to 140 def F and cause your project to “melt.” Yikes! We’ve heard from a couple unlucky InstaMorph fans that this has happened to them, so be careful.

UV light is not for InstaMorph, as it is with most plastics. Ever leave a plastic toy out in the sun for a few years? It’s going to get faded and brittle; same with InstaMorph. If this happens, you’ll notice that InstaMorph doesn’t reheat and reshape as easily as it used to. Just something to think about when creating things specifically for outdoor use.

If I leave InstaMorph in the sun, will it melt?

Do you offer free samples?

We do not currently offer a sample program. The shipping and handling costs are currently too high for us to make anything compelling available.

Instead, we suggest that you purchase one of our 6oz bags to try out InstaMorph. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund on the purchase price (just pay the return shipping costs). But seriously, who could be unsatisfied with this stuff?

InstaMorph comes in classic white in many different sized pouches. Additionally, we offer InstaMorph BLACK in our 12oz package for those projects that would look better in a black plastic. 


You can dye classic InstaMorph into any color you desire by using commercially available pigment powders or dyes. We have also created our own coloring method, InstaMorph Pigments, which comes in blue, red, yellow, and black and can be mixed together to create any color InstaMorph imaginable. Learn more about the InstaMorph Pigment Pack

What colors does it come in?

How much InstaMorph do I need?

It takes approximately 0.9 ounces of InstaMorph to form a one-inch cube. Use this estimation when trying to determine how much InstaMorph to purchase for your project. Remember, InstaMorph is reusable, so the same amount can be reheated and formed into different projects again and again.

InstaMorph is a non-toxic product from a handling perspective. Regardless, InstaMorph has not been formally certified as “food safe” by the FDA. The FDA is pretty finicky about their approvals and requires companies to file Food Contact Notifications for specific applications. InstaMorph hasn’t done that (yet).

Even though it’s not certified food-safe, InstaMorph can still be used to make water-tight containers for creating things like perfume bottles and flower vases (where “food-safe” isn’t an issue).

Is InstaMorph food safe?

Do you sell wholesale?

Similar to our answer to “Is InstaMorph available in stores?”,  InstaMorph does not yet have a wholesale pricing program set up yet for 3rd party retailers. We’re busy scaling our fulfillment capacity to be able to support one day, but we’re not there yet.

If you want to drop us a line to let us know you’re interested, you’re more than welcome, but we’ll make a big deal about it when our program starts, so check back in from time to time otherwise.

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