Blown like Glass

Eric did something really interesting with his InstaMorph. He used a hot, melted glob on the end of a straw and “blew” it as if it was molten glass. We asked him how he accoplished this…

“It was kinda trial-and-error — just take a smooth blob of melted InstaMorph and stick it to the end of a straw; then blow through the straw (hard!).  It’s easier with less material or with extra-hot InstaMorph.  The ball is thin and not really usable for anything other than as artwork — but that’s ok with me 🙂  Thinking about putting a low-temp LED in there.  The InstaMorph stuck to the straw, so using a metal or glass straw would probably fix that.”

You might be able to improve on Eric’s methods if you had a hot air gun that could keep the InstaMorph from cooling in it’s thinner state. Lot’s of fun possibilities here!

blownlikeglass5 blownlikeglass3