Christmas Ornaments

Mark made a Christmas ornament out of InstaMorph.

“I made this ornament for my brother and his wife who have had a problem wit their cat wrecking their ornaments. I made three InstaMorph balls and pushed in screws for the eyes, an inverted screw with a cover for the nose, a piece of old hardware for the pipe, nuts for the buttons, one tension spring that goes through the whole body for the arms, a steel fishing lead for the hanger, a 1/4” bolt up through the bottom and out the top to hold it all together and a washer and lock nut for a top hat. The only part that had to be drilled in was the bolt, the other elements were just molded into the piece to ensure close to indestructibility. I was going to paint the parts but once I laid it out, the metallic look seemed nicer than expected and the InstaMorph was already the perfect color for snow.”

This snowman won’t melt away in the summer, unless he heats up above 140 deg F that is…

morphy morphy2