Custom Rings

InstaMorph can make a great medium for custom jewelry. Pictured is one of a a series of rings made with InstaMorph and some added gemstones. Elizabeth tells us all about her latest creations.

“I love Instamorph!!! I am a SCAD artist currently exploring the different artistic uses of Instamorph. I made a series of rings with the plastic, and added some gemstones. I also have been stretching it really thin, and making drawings with it. I am currently working on an installation that will look similar to the drawings, and will send you more pictures once its finished! (Should fill an entire room).

I am using a polyester dye called iDye poly. A lot of the fashion students here swear by it for their polyester clothing designs. It is a two part dye that works really well. The regular iDye doesn’t work at all. For the purple, just a small drop makes lavender, any more makes a deeper purple. I usually warm up a small handful of pellets, then move it to a container with the dye to soak for a few minutes, then cook it in the water for a few minutes, and gently kneed. For deep black i need to repeat like 3 times, but for other colors only once. It penetrates the plastic very well and never really has any streaking!

They sell packets of this stuff for like 2 or 3 bucks at my local art stores (Dick Blick and Utrecht).

I think the purple works so well because the material is already a little translucent. I haven’t really tried any other colors.

More Rings:


jewelry1 jewelry3 jewelry2



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