Ergonomic Chair

Dane made these amazing chairs using InstaMorph. He really did a amazing job with his project and sent us these beautiful pictures too.

“This is the culmination of a semester long project to create an innovative and ergonomic chair made out of a material of our choosing.  For this project I chose InstaMorph to be my material, as I wanted to both determine just how far I could push this amazing material.  The final result was not one, but two chairs, made with only 12-13 lbs of material between the two, producing light, but sturdy furniture that could surprisingly hold up far more weight than anyone could have expected, and the natural give of the material allows the chair to compress and form around the user, providing a comfortable experience for whoever is sitting in the chair, no matter size or shape!  Another little bonus was throughout the entire time I worked on this project, everyone around me was asking me about the material, and I may even be featured in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair!”

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