Mixed Media Art

Karen used InstaMorph as part of a recent art project.

“I’ve been using InstaMorph as an art material for my mixed media sculptures as the texture combines well with some of the other sometimes unusual materials that I use and I can use it in ways that I wouldn’t be able to do with more traditional materials.  Here are three examples of sculptures that I have used InstaMorph as a part of:

“Frenetic”, this sculpture is made with uncolored InstaMorph, copper wire, dyed silkworm cocoons, and a steel barrel hoop.

“Larval”, made from colored InstaMorph, steel wire, dyed silkworm cocoon, and a steel barrel hoop.

“Parapodia”, made from colored InstaMorph, copper and steel wire.”

Thanks for sharing your art with us Karen! It’s always great to see InstaMorph being used as a creative medium.



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