Ninja Figurine

Jason’s been making figurines out of InstaMorph for over a year now. He’s come up with some really great methods for mixing different powders, dyes, and even sand into InstaMorph for some really interesting results. Below is a ninja figurine that he made and decided to share with the InstaMorph team. We think it’s one of his best works yet!

“The figure is made entirely of InstaMorph, colored by mixing different powders into it, including metallic micas, acid dyes and powdered iron oxides (plus a dash of glow-in-the-dark powder for the eyes). I gave some color & texture to the stones by kneading sand into warm Instamorph; it can get a bit messy, but the effect is worth it! Adding texture to the clothing was tricky, but after I had the limbs posed right I let the InstaMorph cool & used a heat gun to re-melt sections of the surface, then pinched out some wrinkles. The sword is removable, but otherwise it it isn’t poseable (just a statue). It took me about 11 hours over the course of 3 days to complete, but I was so happy with the result that it felt like time well spent.”

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