Odd-Shaped Crystal Holder

Sabrina used InstaMorph to build a base for some crystals. Then she hooked them up to a set of multicolor LEDs.

“Have this odd-shaped tantric (double points) amethyst. It couldn’t sit upright on its own, so I molded an InstaMorph holder, with a hole down inside the center, so it could sit on one of those LED multi-light boxes. Worked out perfectly. Then, I just covered it with black velvet. Very cheesy, it’s sort of my nightlight now. Just wanted to share. :)”

She also sent along some very pretty pictures of the result. Oooohhh, aaaahhhhhh. Thanks Sabrina!

crystal_holder_5 crystal_holder_4 crystal_holder_3 crystal_holder_2 crystal_holder_1


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