Recyclable Plastic Jewelry

Elizabeth, the artist that showed us her custom rings made out of InstaMorph, is back with her latest great creation.

The work is entitled “Drawn on the Body”.

“As of June 2013, this is my current stage in my research on the potential uses of biodegradable/recyclable plastic in the fields of Jewelry Design, Fashion, and the Fine Visual, and Musical Arts. Each piece is made from hand dyed, and hand drawn plastic thread, of which is fused in a dissonant pattern. I have begun to add beads as a permanent solution to color, whereas before I was using powdered pigments.

My designs are inspired by the formal qualities of music, and their parallels to the formal elements of visual design. Emotion is an important element of both fields, and I believe color theory can be applied to music. My research on this topic is continuing.

You can read this and see all of her beautiful pictures here:

She also created an entire art installation using the same method of fine InstaMorph threads.

drawnonthebody6 drawnonthebody5 drawnonthebody4 drawnonthebody3 drawnonthebody2 drawnonthebody1


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