Room Guardians

antlers_1Anya recently wrote to us and shared these amazing creations. They are “Room Gaurdians” and the purple and teal one is called Sirion the Forest Guardian.

She re recently discovered that InstaMorph is the perfect material to make antlers and horns these figures! All the spikes and antlers on them were made with hand sculpted InstaMorph, painted, and sealed. She used acrylic paints, and then sealed it with a matte Mr. Super Clear sealant spray.

How big are they? Anya says that that his back stands about 6 inches tall, so that is a lot of detail and creativity packed into a small package.

You can see more of Anya’s work at anyaboz.deviantart.com. Sirion the Forest guardian was designed by Escaron, and you can view his work at escaron.deviantart.com

Below are are some other examples of instamorph horns that she’s made. These are so awesome, and we’re super excited that we get to share them with all the InstaMorph community. Enjoy!


antlers_2 antlers_4 antlers_5 antlers_6 antlers_7 antlers_8