Foxy Fursuit Costume

fox_costume_5Costume maker Karma Larma made this amazing custom of Foxy from the video game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” for her Halloween cosutme this year.

“I made the teeth, nose, and eyes for my Halloween costume with instamorph. I painted some of the teeth gold and the nose was spray painted. There are also small LED lights hidden under the eyelids and the white instamorph was perfect for diffusing the light. Unfortunately I don’t have any especially good pictures of the effect. I made the eyes concave so that they would have a ‘following’ effect when looked at from different angles.  Here’s a video that really shows off how the eyes work!”

Wow, what an awesome job! I’m sure you impressed a lot of poeple this year with your costume. Thanks for sharing it with us.

fox_costume_3 fox_costume_2 fox_costume_1