Freddy Krueger Gloves

Shannon made these Freddy Krueger costume gloves out of InstaMorph, leather gardening gloves, and some metal brads.

“In April, three friends and I are attending Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA and are going as a group of horror characters. We will have Michael Meyers, Jason Voorhees, Mrs. Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger. Freddy will be my cosplay and so for the past month I’ve been slowly gathering the essentials: liquid latex and makeup (masks are so expensive!), the sweater, the hat, etc. I decided to build the gloves and InstaMorph seemed like a material I could build it from.”

So if you’re in Seattle this month and happen to see a well dressed Freddy Krueger and some other characters standing around, be sure to check out the InstaMorph gloves on him. Now let’s get back to Shannon and hear more about her project.

“It was an incredible amount of fun working on this project! The plastic was very easy to work with and I learned quite a bit about how to work with it as I went. I documented the process from start to finish and have included some of those photos. The fingers all move like they’re supposed to and I am extremely pleased with how this project turned out! I had no issues painting the parts with standard spray paint. The glove is a simple leather garden glove that I soaked in coffee for 24 hours and then burned/dirtied with a candle. The “rivets” are 1″ brads from the office section of our local grocery store that worked perfect for this glove. All together I’d estimate my total cost was about $25. I only wish I had tracked the hours put into it, but it was quite a few!”

Thanks Shannon for all the pictures. It really gives us a great sense of how the build was planned out and how it all came together. When you’re done, be sure to keep these out of the boiler room though; they might melt… 😉

Freddy Glove Project (2) Freddy Glove Project (1) Freddy Glove Project (4) Freddy Glove Project (3) Freddy Glove Project (5) Freddy Glove Project (7) Freddy Glove Project (6) Freddy Glove Project (8) Freddy Glove Project (14) Freddy Glove Project (13) Freddy Glove Project (12) Freddy Glove Project (11) Freddy Glove Project (10) Freddy Glove Project (9)


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