Glacier Dress

We seem to be getting a lot of high fashion uses of InstaMorph. Here’s one from Veronika, a 2nd year Fashion Design student at the Norwich University of the Arts in the UK. She utilized InstaMorph as the main material in her “Glacier” dress.

“I wanted to create something that was different, innovative way of working with unusual material and technique, so I decided to go with InstaMorph and experiment. It turned out a huge success, and everyone wanted to know how it was made! I would love to work with InstaMorph again as part of my final collection for next year, as it is really amazing to work with, and gives you endless possibilities and ideas in hand molding!”

We’re syched that it turned out so well and had such a great reception. Thanks for sharing it with us Veronika and good luck with next year’s creation.

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