Immortal Joe Mask

Halloween is upon us, and it’s our favorite time of year here at InstaMorph HQ, because it’s when all these awesome projects come streaming (or screaming?) in from InstaMorph users all over. Like this one, from Michael.

Michael made this mask for his costume of Immortal Joe from “Mad Max: Fury Road” completely out of InstaMorph. He sent us both pictures of the unpainted and painted versions, and as you can see, the painted mask turned out fantastic! Even more impressive, is that this was Michael’s first time using InstaMorph, so he is well on his way to becoming a master InstaMorph sculpter.

Being so impressed with the overall costume (it really is spot on isn’t it?), we asked him how he made the chest peices as well. Here’s what Michael had to say.

“The chest piece as well as the rest of the armor was made from EVA foam. Actually the anti fatigue mats for work spaces or exercising. First I cut it to the shape I needed then using a heat gun and auto body shaping tools, I heated the foam and sculpted it from behind until I got the shape I wanted. The foam holds its shape when it cools. I then spray painted it with a few different shades to highlight and get the look it has in the picture.”

He took 1st place in his local costume contest (of course) with many compliments and questions about how he made the mask. Nice job Michael on the entire costume!

image image image image