Poseidon Costume

Jordan was Poseidon for Halloween. Who’s Poseidon? Well, he’s the Greek “God of the Sea” but he also covers earthquakes too for good measure. So while everyone else was out being sexy nurses or superheroes, this guy went ahead and made himself god of earthquakes. Nicely played Jordan, nicely played.

Not only is his costume pretty bad-ass, it’s also handmade with InstaMorph details. Which ones?

“Here are a few pics of the Poseidon armor I created for Halloween 2013. I built the armor from scratch and created all of my sculptural details using instamorph- to include the kraken on the chest piece, seahorses on the abdomen and the entire trident, minus the curtain rod I used to sculpt around.”

Well it turned out great Jordan, and we’re really happy that you’re diggin’ your InstaMorph.

This project is a great example of how taking an existing costume, and dressing it up a bit with some InstaMorph details, really can create an effective look. I think the simulated copper patina really added something to it as well.



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