Steampunk Thor Costume

Here is a completed project from InstaMorph Fan, Jeff. With Halloween fast approaching, we could all use this kind of inspiration!

“A while back I sent in a picture of a top hat with a wing to show a costume in progress. I now have completed pictures that I want to share with you guys! The one with the hammer on the shoulder best shows the InstaMorph in the costume. The head of the hammer is wood and electronics with InstaMorph panels welded around it all. The triquetra (painted InstaMorph ) is a handle to turn a latch (also InstaMorph ) to open a hatch (still InstaMorph ) to be able to mess with the electronics inside. The project enclosures can be seen in use behind the large lumin discs on my chest. The pommel of the hammer is also InstaMorph . As you can also see, I was able to complete and paint both wings. The picture titled “2nd place victory” is showing me on stage when I won 2nd in the Page to Stage Costume Contest at Dragon*Con this year. I have you guys to thank for that!”

thor2 thor1