Custom iPod Mini Stand

In this idea, we made a stand for an iPod mini that was kind of funky and cool, yet still functional. It is in the shape of hand with a couple of fingers supporting the back and little plastic pinky and thumb reaching around the front to keep it in place. It’s even got a notch cut out of the bottom so we can place it in the stand with the headphones plugged in.

First, take some InstaMorph and shape it into a small hand. Then place the still warm InstaMorph around the iPod. Be careful if the InstaMorph is a little wet. We didn’t have any problems with it sticking due to the high gloss finish on the iPod. Once the hand is formed, cut a small notch on the bottom with some scissors. Another option is to carve this out with a hobby knife or Dremmel tool when the InstaMorph has cooled. Once the hand is formed, get another blob of InstaMorph heated up to make the stand and just pressed the two pieces together. We left the iPod in the top piece for this step, since it let us know the proper angle where the stand wouldn’t fall over. After all adjustments are made, take the iPod out of the stand and place the entire thing in ice water to speed up the cooling process. After a minute, take it out, dry it off, and enjoy your new, custom iPod stand.

ipodstand3 ipodstand2 ipodstand1