Headphone Stand

Chris made an under-desk headphone stand out of InstaMorph. Here he describes in detail how he constructed this.

“Two of my big hobbies are making music in my home studio and DIY projects. Sometimes they combine, like in the case of what I present today. 

I got my bottle of InstaMorph in and pretty much immediately went to work figuring out how to best work with the product and what the properties were like on it. Within about an hour, I decided to upgrade the ergonomics on one of my old mic stands with an almost rounded (soft flower shaped) adjustment knob. 

From there, I decided to try making an under-desk headphone stand, and I have to say, the results came out pretty well, aside from a little soot from using the lighter-welding trick!

I was using a standard threaded hook that i got in some garage organizer set, but besides not supplying a flat area for the headphones to actually sit (and they’d be at risk of slipping out), It stuck out and would always get bumped and bent when I was trying to get something on the shelf above my [diy] recording desk.

I rolled out a flat section of InstaMorph with a can of lysol, trimmed the edges with scissors, and set it to dry on the curved edge of a pan. Then, I rolled a cylinder and put a 90 degree bend on it. After that, I rolled out a little flat piece for a base, cut it to shape with scissors, and let it harden. Finally, I tied it all together using the lighter-welding trick, and some additional InstaMorph to give more structural integrity.

Add some screws, and BAM! It’s all done, and just a few hours after receiving my first bottle. 

I added the photos of it all mounted, up, right next to the hook I was previously using, and will be removing permanently.”

Thanks so much for sharing your project with us. Very cool! It looks like it turned out really well. Happy to hear that the lighter-welding trick worked for you too. 

headphonestand4 headphonestand3 headphonestand2 headphonestand1



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