Ouya Gamepad

Scott used InstaMorph to connect a bluetooth enabled gamepad to his android phone, and the result was something of awesomeness!

“I had purchased an Ouya bluetooth gamepad, and found it connected so nicely to my android, I wanted to convert it into a portable gaming solution. the result was this. It leaves room for all buttons, as well as the built in controller touchpad to all work, in addition to leaving the volume, speaker, camera, headphone port, charger, and HDMI ports all open and free for use. I bent the arms inward slightly as it cooled, allowing a firm hold on both the phone, and gamepad.”

That tip about bending things in while InstaMorph cools is a good one. InstaMorph is a bit flexible in smaller thicknesses, so this a great way to build a tight fitting case like Scott has done. What’s even more awesome is that Scott didn’t have to alter the cases of either of the devices to make this work, and it’s totally removable. Way to go Scott, and thanks for sharing!

ouya_gamepad2 ouya_gamepad1