Chopstick Holders

Today we saw that someone had made some cute little chopstick holders using InstaMorph.

These little guys are great since you can wash them off in cold water after each meal about build different ones depending on the meal theme. This example features a small bear and crab. I don’t know what meal theme this applies too, but you get the idea.

You can build up each figurine piece by piece. First conceptualize what you want to make; it’s a lot easier if you know what you’re building first. Both of these are just a series of small balls and cylinders. To make each part, take a small amount of InstaMorph®, roll it into shape, and slowly build up each figurine. For the last step, build the hand, paws, claws, fins, whatever is going to hold the chopsticks. Once complete, put the piece in ice water if you want to speed up the cooling process.

Each one took about 5 minutes after a little practice. The next ones on the list are some fish for sushi night. They’ll just need to figure out how to arrange them to “hold” the chopsticks, I guess. If you come up with anything good, let us know.

chopstickholder3 chopstickholder2 chopstickholder1




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