Curtain Rod Hooks

When living in a rented apartment, doing things like hanging curtains without damaging the walls can be a challenge. I’m sure that there a special hooks for that, but why not make your own out of InstaMorph and a couple of small wall hanger clips. These took only a couple of minutes to make and allowed for the clearance necessary for the curtains to hang in front of the window.

To make, simply take an existing picture hanger clip and roll out a cylinder of InstaMorph. Flatten the cylinder a little and press the end of it into the hanger clip. While it’s still warm, mold the opposite end around the curtain rod to make the loop. Then, add a kink in it to extend the final positioning away from the wall. After adding the final bend and the InstaMorph has cooled slightly, check it again against the curtain rod for final fit. The let cool and install. Duplicate as necessary.

curtainrodhook1 curtainrodhookfinal1


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