Glow-in-the-Dark Room Decorations

Meleah is only 12 years only, but is already showing a great mastery for crafts. She and her dad made these glow-in-the-dark decorations for her room out of InstaMorph.

“I am super fascinated with space and the constellations and such! So for my birthday I got a bunch of glow stars and a black light. My Dad and I are slowly making my room into a Galaxy themed wonderland more or less. So my Dad let me use some his 3D printed scrap to make the body of a planet similar looking to Saturn. Then I covered it with Instamorph and bingo bango! We also added glow stuff to make it react and glow with the black light. This worked so well I made a Wisp like on brave, and a glow worm that is attracted to the chain. Keeping my eyes out for more inspiration in the future!”