headphone desk clip

Headphones Desk Clip

Brian made this clip for his headphones out of InstaMorph in around 10 minutes.

“I kept constantly hitting my headphones off my desk every time I would get up for something, so I needed somewhere else to place them. I can’t drill any holes into my desk at work, but DID think to bring in some InstaMorph to work one day.

I heated up a few table spoons of InstaMorph and pressed a small strip of it against my desk. I should have tested it first, since it began to stick to the plastic/rubber edge of my desk. I was able to get it off in time, and after scraping the residue from the desk, put down a layer of saran wrap before starting again.

These pictures are actually from my second real attempt. The first one didn’t have enough material on the bottom to hold against the pressure of the headphones; the clip kept sliding off. Here, I’ve extended the bottom clip to go much farther down (as you can see in the second picture) and has no problem holding everything up. As you can see from the last picture, the clip is easily removed whenever I want. It also shows off the fact that I was able to get the exact profile of the desk.

Anyways, I love my new headphone clip (haven’t knocked them over since) and that I was able to make it with just a few dollars worth of InstaMorph.”

Thanks Brian. It’s a great thing InstaMorph is reusable, so you didn’t have to waste anything on that first (and second) attempt.  Thanks for sharing all the details about how you made it as well. It really turned out quite nicely.

InstaMorph is perfect for these kinds of quick office hacks. If you’ve got a coffee machine, then you can make all the hot water you need to play with InstaMorph at work.

headphone desk clipheadphone desk clip
headphone desk clip



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