Toothbrush holder

When there is limited space in the bathroom, InstaMorph® comes to the rescue! This custom toothbrush caddy extends off of the shelf to free us some space where the toothbrushes used to lie. Now they’re within easy reach in this stylish holder.

It was made using some sheets of InstaMorph® that were cut to size using scissors and then welded together using hot water and a BBQ lighter. The attachment point was molded separately and then connected to the box similarly. Small drainage holes were drilled in at the end. A small toothbrush logo was even made out of InstaMorph® and now emblazons the front, letting bathroom users know, “this is what goes here.”

It was made in about 30 minutes using only a couple ounces of InstaMorph®. The end result is lightweight, easy to clean (using cold water), and most importantly, fits the space better than any store-bought item could (if you can even find something as cools as this).