Accessibility Button

Here is another great project from Roxie. She recently had a “lifeline” service installed in her home so that I can contact 911 independently in an emergency. When they presented her with the “medallion” that you wear around your neck, she noticed it had a very small, recessed button that she would need to push with your finger. Due to her limitied mobility in her fingers and hands, she realized she would have to make some type of adaptation for it.

So, as you could see, in a very short time she came up with a solution. A little ball of InstMorph was shaped and glued it to the button, raising it up so it’s now accessable. Awesome! InstaMorph (and some major ingenuity on Roxie’s part) saves the day! Thanks Roxie for sharing your amazing story with us.

button_adapter_2 button_adapter_1