Animal Cast

The plastic in InstaMorph has been used in the medical field for casts and ergonomics. In this idea, Sherry created a custom cast for her pet cat Meep. Please note, when creating anything for medical uses, you need to consult your doctor, or in this case, vet first before attempting.
“My kitten Meep had an accident and broke her back foot, all four tarsal bones.  After being in a soft splint for two months it did not heal at all.  The vet didn’t have any other options but amputation to the hip or leaving her foot broken.  Since she is only a year old I asked if I could try making a hard splint.  After getting the OK I pulled out my trusty InstaMorph.  
This is what I came up with, it is a two piece splint that locks together on the sides and stays closed with velcro cable ties. I molded the plastic by hand in several pieces, then drilled the stitching holes and stitched the velcro on with dental floss.  The foam lining is craft foam cut to fit the contours of her little foot.”
catcast1 catcast2