Bike Light Fix

Summer is in full swing all over the country, and that means a lot of bike riding for some people. Our latest idea/fix/hack comes to us from Brian in Seattle, Washington.

“I was riding my bike home on an extremely bumpy road and suddenly my bike light just snapped off the handlebar. Needless to say I was pretty upset about it. You can see in the pictures how the mount just ripped off the housing. I remembered your post about coloring InstaMorph, so I went and got one of the epoxy paint dyes you guys suggested on your site. I dyed a small bit of InstaMorph black (my hands got a little black on them but it wasn’t that bad, I guess I could have worn gloves). Once I had a small ball of black InstaMorph, I reheated it again and then pushed it into the hole in the bottom of the light. I then pressed the mount back on the light and into the InstaMorph and then smoothed all the edges out. I had to reapply heat to the sides with a hairdryer once it was in place to get it fully smoothed out. The fix looked good and I was anxious to get it back on my bike and test it out. After waiting for it too cool, I reattached everything back up and tou can barely tell it’s there. The fix has held up on those same bumpy rides. Thanks InstaMorph!”

Thank you Brian for the pictures and the story of your fix. What a great combination of InstaMorph skills and a fine looking fix for your bike. Ride safe.

bikelightfix1 bikelightfix2 bikelightfix3



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