E-Cigarette Lanyard Cap

Jon made this lanyard attachment for his girlfriend out of InstaMorph. It connects to her e-cigarette, so she can wear it around her neck while horseback riding.

“I spent a lot of time online and in vape shops in the area looking for a lanyard attachment that would screw onto the end of her e-cig that she could strap to a saddle, or hang around her neck… something low-profile that didn’t look silly. Well… when I sat down to make something with Instamorph, the decision on what to make first was a no-brainer. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

This is an e-cigarette lanyard attachment made completely of Instamorph. The female end is molded and threaded to the “cap” end of the e-cigarette, then I formed a loop where a piece of leather, or other material can be strung through so the e-cigarette can be hung around the neck.

The lanyard attachment screws onto the end of the e-cigarette tightly. It also protects the female charging adapter from moisture and debris which is a common problem with e-cigarettes.”

Looks like this small little InstaMorph cap seems to solve a lot of problems. Great job Jon!

lanyard1 lanyard2 lanyard3 lanyard4 lanyard5


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