Ergonomic Pen

Today’s InstaMorph idea is quick, easy, and you’ll end up with a very comfortable and reusable product.

With only a handful of InstaMorph, this fan turned an ordinary pen into an InstaMorphed pen, vastly improving both its comfort and value (both sentimental and monetary). To create your own, take a small amount of InstaMorph and shape the warm plastic around a pen to form a cylinder approximately 1 – 2 inches long. Next, press your fingers around the InstaMorph in a comfortable writing style. After making an impression, let the InstaMorph cool (which can be accelerated by placing the pen in the freezer). In a minute or two, you’ll have a nice, new plastic grip. If you take care not to get any plastic on the tip of your pen (like the picture on the left), you should be able to slide your grip off to place on a new pen at any time.

We here at the InstaMorph Team love these types of projects. This is a great way to introduce someone to the incredible flexibility of InstaMorph. Also, if you’re already an InstaMorph master, this project is perfect for using up those last few granules in your jar.  It should be noted that this project idea also works with pencils. 🙂

ergopen3 ergopen2 ergopen1




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