Hockey Stick Grip

Jim made a custom grip for his ice hockey stick using InstaMorph. Just another example of how InstaMorph can do amazing things in the hands of our creative users.

“My name is Jim, and I play ice hockey. In September of 2007, I almost cut off the index finger of my right hand, and since it was severed so badly, the surgeon had to remove the finger. The problem came when I went to play hockey and shoot the puck. I shoot left, so the right hand is the top hand, of which all your stick-handling is controlled. Even with taping the top of the stick, the handle bothered the middle finger of my right hand. I wanted to create a handle that was ergonomically correct for my right hand, yet comfortable, and removable! Instamorph was the answer!! The directions were easy to follow and the beads were very workable, allowing time to mold the handle the way I wanted it.”

We hope Jim has a great hockey season, especially with your improved handle.

Hockey Stick Handle Top ViewHockey Stick Handle on StickHockey Stick Handle Inside ViewHockey Stick Handle Fitting