kitten mobility cart side view

Kitten Mobility Cart

kitten mobility cart side view Terry made this customized mobility cart (pictured) for one of the kittens over at the Transylvania Animal Alliance Group. Clark’s (the kitten) story is a bit on the sad side, since he doesn’t have use of his hind legs, but thanks to Terry and her ingenious use of InstaMorph, it has a much happier ending.

After initially reading about her project, we followed up with Terry and asked her to share more of the details behind her project. Hopefully it might inspire some others looking for a similar solution.

“…it took a lot of trial and error. I knew that he had to have some way other than dragging himself around on his belly to get around and everyone kept telling me that he was too small for a mobility cart. This was probably the fifteenth try to get something that would work. I did finally end up modelling it off of a picture of a full size cart that I found online, I looked at what they had and tried to recreate it in a smaller size.

kitten mobility cart top viewIf someone wanted to make one for themselves they would mostly need to know the length of the kitten from shoulder to hip, and the height to the shoulder. Then it was just a matter of using theInstaMorph to make the cart so that it would be the right height and length. To attach the wheels I used a bolt, put a hole through where I wanted the wheel to get the right height, waited for the InstaMorph to partially harden and screwed the bolt in so the hole would harden threaded. The saddle that he sits down in is made out of foam curlers bent and tied together in the middle with dental floss, and then tied to the bars of the cart.

I would not have been able to do this without theInstaMorph! It allowed me to keep trying slight modifications until I got a design that would work. It will also be very easy now that I have a working design to make the cart bigger as he grows just using moreInstaMorph. Great product that I am really glad that I found, it worked perfectly for what I needed.”

Told ya this story had a happy ending. Thanks so much Terry for sharing it with us and all the InstaMorph community. We leave you with video of Clark enjoying his new-found mobility. Go Clark go!

Clark playing and even chasing his tail! He really seems to like his cart.

Posted by TAAG: Advocates for Animal Welfare on Wednesday, July 29, 2015


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