LED Brake Light Holder

Today’s InstaMorph project comes to us from an InstaMorph fan, Steve:

“I thought I would share some photos that show how I used InstaMorph to make a custom bracket to hold a LED brake light on my scooter.  It worked really well for this project, and I’m very glad for InstaMorph! I did mold the two pieces of the bracket separately, then fused them together once I had each piece the way I wanted it.  I just heated up both pieces in hot water (not all the way to clear, but clear on the outer surfaces), then stuck them together. I took the motorbike out for a long ride today (going 70 mph down an Interstate highway, then up and down country roads with bumps), and the InstaMorph bracket worked great!  Thanks again for a great product!”

The project looks great. Thanks for the pictures and instructions Steve.

LED bracket 2 LED bracket 6 LED bracket 8 LED bracket 11 LED bracket 14 LED bracket 17 side view