Longboard Guards

Jorge, who made some awesome guards for his kayak hulls, also sent us this description and pictures of a recent project to protect his longboards.

“After about 2 weeks of research online trying to find a pre-made guard to protect both nose and tail of a new skate longboard I had purchased (companies do make them for a handful mass production boards, not for high end ones) As expected and just so many other people looking for the same, such don’t exist so I decided to put InstaMorph and it’s pigments to work and create my own guard to protect LAND YACHTZ (Board with Blue Wheels) in the event of a runaway board against a side walk, wall, etc… (in the hope will never happened lol)…

After many month of riding with great result and a couple incidents, my new Instamorph Longboard Nose & Tail guards proved to work 150%, they took a few serious hits head on and not a scratch/scuff mark on the board not to mention barely unnoticeable on the guard itself.”

He ended up making a second pair for an electric longboard as well (orange wheels in the pictures below). Pretty cool!

Another great thing worth noting about making guards out of InstaMorph is that if they do take a large hit, you can easily “repair” them with a little heat and some reshaping. Thanks for sharing your project with us Jorge, and we too hope you never have to really use these…

skate_bumper_1 skate_bumper_2 skate_bumper_3skate_bumper_4


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