Rod & Reel Holder

A few months back a new InstaMorph fan, Garry, was asking us questions in order to help him prepare for his latest project. He promised us some pictures when it was done. When he followed up with us last week, we were totally blown away. Here is his story.

“I promised a long time ago I would send some pictures of things we made for fishing – here they are finally. I have a disability (spinal cord injury) and cannot use my fingers. I like fishing but cannot hold a rod properly or pinch a reel handle knob to turn the reel handle. So I dreamed up these things. One lets me hold the rod and the other lets me turn the reel. A belt around my chest anchors the rod. The system works incredibly well and would not have been possible for us to make at home with limited tools and material without InstaMorph. I have lots more ideas for things to make from InstaMorph. Usually I don’t end up making most of the things I invent because I can’t find material that will do the job but InstaMorph is just right for many of my designs. It is easily manipulated into many shapes and is very strong when cool. As we have gained experience working with InstaMorph we have learned tricks to get it to do what we want. It’s really an amazing material. InstaMorph rules!”

Here is a selection of pictures that show off his amazing project. Garry, you and the rest of our fans continue to amaze us with your creativity. The Team has imagined in the past how InstaMorph could be used to help those with disabilities; thanks for showing us how. We hope this story and pictures inspire others to utilize InstaMorph in new, creative, and life changing ways.

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