Custom Plastic Bolts

Alan created a bolt completely out of InstaMorph. This comes in handy when you have a nut are missing the bolt, or want to make a custom handle for one. Thankfully, Alan’s also willing to share his tips on how you can make your own.

“I threaded the metal bolt coated with vegetable oil in and out a few times, then, removing it and heating the nut in hot water first, I forced the Instamorph through threads till some came out the other end. I then blocked the end and threaded the metal bolt in a bit to compact the Instamorph into the threads for better detail. I kept adding and heating till I was able to add a wingnut head to it. Not easy to make, but was fun to try it again after many years. You need a glove ro hold the hot metal nut as it gets real hot and the larger sizes are easier to work with.”

You can see the results of one of Alan’s prototypes below.