Fridge Ice-maker Fix

Recently, when Brian went to get some ice out of his refrigerator, he noticed some little white pieces of plastic in his water cup along with the ice. When he investigated more, he found that the guard that ensures that the ice falls into the ice bucket and not back into the tray when being ejected from the ice machine had popped off and subsequently been churned into little pieces by the screw that moves the ice forward towards the dispenser.

Thankfully he had some InstaMorph on hand and was able to fashion a replacement in around 10 minutes. A replacement part would have cost over $100.

He created a flat sheet of InstaMorph first that was bigger than what he needed. Next, he traced the profile of where the old part sat and cut through the InstaMorph with a set of kitchen sheers. Then, using a heat gun, he was able to heat up the opposing edge and form it to the ice machine to get it to stick in place. He then placed it back in the freezer to help the InstaMorph cool down faster. In a few minutes, it was ready to dispense ice again and has been working perfectly for a few months now.

Conclusion: InstaMorph is a great material for making small plastic repairs in your refrigerator or freezer!


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