Replacement Phone Hook

Chad made a replacement handle for his vessel’s onboard phone. Works better than the original!

“During a trip offshore in rough seas, the cradle that secures our interior vessel communication phone broke. This is a critical vessel system to allow the captain in the wheelhouse to communicate with the engineer in the engine room. I used a combination of 1/4 inch copper tubing and InstaMorph to create a new cradle that actually functions better than the original. It is more secure and more compact keeping the phone closer to the wall and hence less likely to be bumped and knocked off. InstaMorph not only helped create a very fast repair (not having to wait for a new one to be shipped), but also saved the company an unknown amount of time and money trying to track down and purchase a new bracket. InstaMorph has earned a solid place next to Duct Tape, and WD-40 on my list of “Must Have’s” aboard the vessel.”

phone-hook phone-hook4 phone-hook3 phone-hook2