Jason used InstaMorph to fashion this custom replacement part for his weathervane.

“My wife and I moved into a new house over the winter, and when Spring rolled around we noticed that the weather vane the previous owners had installed wasn’t really our style. So, I decided to morph us a new spinning topper for the existing base.

I wanted to make something simple, but unique. I wound up combining a few cups ofInstaMorph pellets with some black iron oxide powder, plus a few black pellets from one of your pigment packs for extra color saturation. I then molded the InstaMorph into a stylized, serpentine arrow. The iron powder gave the plastic a heavier, more metallic feel, and the lumps my fingers left in its surface during the molding process helped give the arrow a hammered cast iron look.

I’m really happy with the end result. And the best part is it spins freely in the wind, so it’s still a fully functional weather vane!”

We love it too Jason! Thanks for sharing it with us.

weathervane_1 weathervane_2 weathervane_3 weathervane_4