When one of our founders began playing with moldable plastic for making costume parts back in 2010, he realized that there was an entire community of people out there that would benefit from this versatile material. With a few other like-minded individuals, they created everything you see here in-house, from the logos and website, to our packaging & fulfillment process (that’s done here in the US). Everything is created and managed by the InstaMorph team.

We’ve been selling InstaMorph since 2010 and have created a community of moldable plastic enthusiasts that spans the globe. We’ve grown from hand-packing dozens small jars of InstaMorph on a kitchen table, to having automated machinery help pack thousands of our popular zipper pouch bags. Picking out new equipment is one of our favorite parts of the job. That is, besides seeing all of the awesome things our community shares with us week after week.

We source our products from the highest quality sources available. Our original white InstaMorph plastic is formulated and manufactured for us in the UK (not China) and adheres to strict quality standards. Our pigment pellets and black InstaMorph are formulated and manufactured here in the US (just on the other side of town from our warehouse).

We really hope you enjoyed learning about our story, our company, and our products. InstaMorph is part of Happy Wire Dog, LLC family and brands and products.

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