Orc Puppet

This post is a long time coming. We first got to know Heriberto (aka Eddie Redskull) over 6 months ago when he sent us this first picture of his new orc puppet project on Facebook. He was really excited to be using InstaMorph (hey that’s our sticker back there) and had always wanted to make a puppet out of it. At this point, it was only a head, but was already looking quite awesome. The head itself was plastic molded on top of a clay sculpture. The clay added a bit of weight to the final project (something that he says he would avoid next time) but still turned out well.

So some time goes by, and then we got the next update from him with a new picture. He’s mounted the armatures for the, well, ummm, arms (and hands) and has started to mold InstaMorph around those as well.


M<ore time passes, and Heriberto pings us again, this time with a much larger update to his orc puppet. As you can see, it’s really coming along. He’s used InstaMorph for all just about every surface and detail on his creation. From the armor down to the weaponry, it’s mostly all InstaMorph moldable plastic. Wow!

orc_figurine_12 orc_figurine_11 orc_figurine_10 orc_figurine_9

So ya, there is all that pink in his armor. What’s up with that? We’ll let Heriberto explain…

“One funny thing was that I used a pink marker to mark the pieces I need to cut and I reused the scraps , eventually the plastic got that pink color, giving an interesting marble effect to the plastic in the beginning and as I used more, turning the plastic a more solid color. So if someone wants to add color to the plastic, they could possibly use food coloring or something like that…”

Interested in reading more about this project and seeing how it all turns out? Check out our other posts on the armor & weaponry, and how Heriberto ended up painting and finishing his creation.



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