Orc Puppet – Painting and Finishing

Well, here we are. The last post in our three part series (read posts 1 & 2 here) about Heriberto’s (aka Eddie Redskull) orc puppet. In this post, we’re taking a look at how the puppet and accessories were painted and finished.

Heriberto starts the paint job laying down base layer of black. This has the benefits of covering up any off colors that had been introduced into the plastic (remember the pink pieces) and gives the final paint job a good surface to adhere too, as InstaMorph can be quiet slick sometimes.


Heriberto then starts to tell us about his grand plans to finish his orc puppet.

“…you have to imagine him with a light color greenish skin tones (like a frog’s underbelly), with spots (some), then the armor blue, grey, silver and white details (faded ,dirty ,worn out), leather straps color, maybe some hair towards the back (he will be wearing the helmet), a leather strap to hold his knife and another across that can hold the shield on his back, black fur cape to cover the hand when puppeteering it and light color fur around waist and at the ends of the leg and arm armor.”

Judging by the following set of photos that he sent us a little while later, you can see how close he came to this early description.

orc_figurine_16 orc_figurine_17 orc_figurine_18 orc_figurine_19


Amazing? You betcha! Is this project done yet? Of course not! A few days latter we get one last set of messages from Heribero.

“I had to do it. Using the last of the 2nd bag I bought (we can say now I’ve used exactly 24 oz of moldable plastic to create this thing), I made a rotating  base that will display him and it will be painted to look like stone, with gravel and grass details”

orc_figurine_21 orc_figurine_22

So after almost 6 months, it was finally finished. Now the world is ready to meet “Gnarlok” the orc puppet, by Eddie Redskull. Amazing job Heriberto, and thanks for always keeping us in the loop with your progress. It was great getting to see your creation come together!



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